4 Ways to Have the Best Galentines/Anti-Valentines Day Party!

You don’t need a declaration of love to have an awesome night! Whether you’re celebrating the glow of your friends embrace or cursing the love industry all together, a good get together is the perfect way to celebrate! Below are ideas for the best day EVER!!!

  1. Custom Cocktail

Throw the champagne away and bring out the vodka (other spirits or non-alcoholic beverages can also do the trick). Why not do a cotton candy cocktail to showcase the love you have for all your friends and family. Or cheers with a ‘I Buy My Own’ Chocolate Martini. Whatever your cleverly worded drinks, make sure to comment them below! Upgrade the bar with a bartender from ShortStaf that will whip up your creations in a jiffy!


2. DJ

Make sure your music set is up to par with a DJ that will have the party going all night long! From classics to mash-ups, a DJ can make this a night to remember, even when you’re sitting next to a love years from now.

3. Icy Ice Cream Bar

Who hasn’t dug into a pint after a breakup? Bring back that cold comfort with an Ice Cream Bar guaranteed to bring people together over toppings and discussions of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


4. Set Up/Clean Up

If you’re grooving to your declaration of freedom playlist, you don’t want to be worrying about setting up your awesome (not red or pink) decorations or cleaning up after the best night of the year so far. Make sure you wake up to only a liver inducing headache and not a cleaning one.

Let us know down below how you plan to celebrate Galentine’s Day or Anti- Valentines Day! Want to hire staff? Click here!