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OAI: ShortStaf and Bunker

You asked, we listened. Our enterprise users have often asked about insurance coverage for Staf users. Now, ShortStaf has partnered with Bunker to provide Occupational Accident Insurance to our Staf users, every time they work.

Graduation Party 2021

Graduation 2021 ?     What is more exciting than a graduation party? As we head into the summer, there is nothing better than celebrating all the dedication and hard work of the ones we love! How can you use ShortStaf to make your graduation celebration one to remember? Make your 2021 Graduation Party unforgettable! […]

National Restaurant Association Allied Membership

ShortStaf is proud to announce our allied partnership with the National Restaurant Association. Since 2015, we have been growing our network of restaurant professionals, connecting them with local jobs and gigs. Today, we have elevated our commitment to the restaurant industry by becoming an official Allied Member of the National Restaurant Association. COVID-19 has affected […]

Find and Hire On-Demand Hospitality Staf

How to Find and Hire On-Demand Staf   If you are managing or running a business, chances are you have had staff call out, not show up, or are running low on employees. With ShortStaf, you don’t have to work short-handed ever again. Instead, post on ShortStaf for the help you need. Use ShortStaf to […]

Peach Lemonade (with Tequila) for Fourth of July

Try this Peach ? Lemonade for a tart and sweet drink that can be enjoyed all summer ☀️! Fourth of July is here, and this year – things are looking a little different than usual.     You’re likely avoiding the crowds – no beaches, barbecues, or bonfires – but that doesn’t mean the fun stops! […]

Father’s Day: 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate (Rain or Shine!)

  This Sunday, June 21, is Father’s Day! Celebrating Father’s Day is a great way to honor your Dad and remind us about the importance and challenges of Fatherhood. Rather than default to a tie, watch, or a new hammer – make this Father’s Day even more memorable and spend some quality time with the […]

Staffing Solution: COVID-19

Your effective staffing solution in response to  COVID-19 We understand the challenges presented during the COVD-19 crisis. You may have been forced to make the difficult decisions to lay off employees, close your locations, and bring your business to a grinding halt. When operations resume, we’re here to help you get back – and be […]

Lemon Blueberry Basil Mule

Lemon Blueberry Basil Mule ?? We are putting a crisp, summer twist on the classic Moscow Mule! Here is the recipe to make this refreshing lemon, blueberry, and basil cocktail at home!   2oz Vodka Add blueberries to taste (we used 4) Add basil (we used 3 leaves) Juice of 1 Half Lemon Top with […]

Memorial Day Activities : At Home

Fun activities to celebrate Memorial Day, at home!?? Looking for Memorial Day activities that can be done at home? Here we have two fun and creative ways to express yourself for Memorial Day!  1- Patriotic Baking This is a fun and easy way to get the kids involved. You can opt for cakes or cupcakes, […]