Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo

How to Play:

I have been to my fair share of baby showers where I was eating unidentified baby food as a “game”. While I learned that I am definitely not a fan of mashed peas and cold mashed butternut squash was more appealing than expected, my days of guessing that food are over. Recently, I went to a baby shower that put a fun spin on bingo and got all the guests involved. In this blog we will tell you how to play baby shower bingo – so you can have fun too!

The actual game takes place while the mommy-to-be starts opening presents. Right before, the host of the party passes out blank bingo cards. To make it easier, you can have a cup of pens available at each table. Before the presents are to be opened, everyone fills out their bingo card with presents they think will be opened. You can have a free space in the middle that says “Your Present” and have them fill it in. Or you can use the more traditional approach and have the middle be automatically free, and let them fill in their own present somewhere else on the board. This game is a lot of fun and gets everyone involved in the present opening process. 

Once someone gets bingo, they win! For winners, you can have first, second, and third place prizes. The best part? You can make the prizes whatever you want! At the party I went to, the prizes were gift cards. If that isn’t your style; you can make cute crafts, floral arrangements, or something as simple as a candle. To take it a step further, you can create prize goody bags. Typically these include one larger prize and a few smaller prizes like chocolates, candy, and/or bath and body products to name a few. 

Boom! You just learned how to play baby shower bingo! Use this game as a fun way to include your guests during the present opening portion of the shower. Plus, everyone loves the chance to win a cute and thoughtful prize! Don’t forget to tag @ShortStafApp on Instagram if you play this fun game of bingo! As always, post on the ShortStaf App for set up, servers, bartenders, clean up, and more!