Cucumber Lime Breeze Cocktail

Cucumber Lime Breeze Cocktail

Cucumber Lime Breeze Cocktail    In the mood for a cool, refreshing cocktail? Look no further. Give our cucumber lime breeze cocktail a try, and you’ll be feeling as cool as a cucumber in no time.  Ingredients: 2oz Tanqueray Gin 4 slices cucumber 1 Lime Agave syrup (to taste) San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water Directions: […]

easy tropical punch

Easy Tropical Punch

Here is our recipe for EASY tropical punch!   Finally! It’s getting warmer out… now that Spring is here; we have been on the hunt for an easy, delicious, and tropical beverage.    1.5 oz Vodka  1.5 oz Coconut Rum 3 oz Pineapple Juice  Top with Sprite  (Splash of Cranberry Juice *optional*) To make: I […]

Try our Key Lime Pie Martini

Key Lime Pie Martini     Looking for a Green Cocktail this St. Patrick’s Day? This Key Lime Pie Martini goes great to help you ring-in Spring, or if you’re living in the endless summer like us… a cool refreshing treat! Try this easy and delicious Key LimePie Martini that goes down a little too […]

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo How to Play: I have been to my fair share of baby showers where I was eating unidentified baby food as a “game”. While I learned that I am definitely not a fan of mashed peas and cold mashed butternut squash was more appealing than expected, my days of guessing that food […]

Tips for how to throw the BEST Secret Santa

Thinking of doing a secret Santa gift exchange among family or friends this year? Great idea! It is truly one of the simplest ways to exchange gifts and have fun at the same time! How do you host a fantastic (& easy) secret Santa gift exchange? We have some tips for you below! 😉