Find and Hire On-Demand Staf

Find and Hire On-Demand Hospitality Staf

How to Find and Hire On-Demand Staf


If you are managing or running a business, chances are you have had staff call out, not show up, or are running low on employees. With ShortStaf, you don’t have to work short-handed ever again. Instead, post on ShortStaf for the help you need. Use ShortStaf to find and hire on-demand hospitality Staf.


How to use ShortStaf:

Using phone

Download the app and make an account. Then, create your event and post for the positions needed. Some examples include waitstaff, server, bartender, hostess, dishwasher, door security, bussers, and more!

After you post your event, potential Staf will start applying.

Here, you can review their experience, qualifications, ratings, and reviews. To apply, Staf must have a complete profile. This way, you can get to know them before they get the job. After you review your applicants, accept your favorites.

After you have accepted applicants, message them through in-app messaging to ask any questions or give them specific details about the shift.

Payment is processed securely and directly through the app. There is no cash handing, ever. ShortStaf makes it easy to view payments and Staf for reporting purposes.

Now, YOU can find and hire qualified hospitality Staf today. Download the ShortStaf app and never work short-handed again!


Finding hospitality Staf has never been easier!

Check out our video for a step-by-step walkthrough!


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