Party on Pause? You're Not Alone!

Party on Pause? You’re Not Alone!

We WILL party again! Amid the COVID-19 crisis, life has drastically changed. Remember FOMO*? Well, there is no more FOMO*. We are all missing out together. Milestones that used to be celebrated with a big party or get togethers have been put on hold. I say put on hold because, well, we shouldn’t have to […]

The PERFECT Red Sangria

The PERFECT Red Sangria       Red Sangria is one of our favorite warm-weather cocktails! It is the perfect balance of wine, liquor, and juice. Great to make in a pitcher for parties or enjoy solo! Here we have the recipe for a single serving of The PERFECT Red Sangria to enjoy for your […]

5 Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo: Fiesta YOUR Way!

Social distancing and quarantine don’t have to stop your fiesta! Check out these recipes for our 5 Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo! We shook things up and made a different Margarita every day going into May and leading up to our favorite celebration!   Watch the video for the how-to’s and recipes for our Margaritas […]