Party on Pause? You’re Not Alone!

We WILL party again!

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, life has drastically changed. Remember FOMO*? Well, there is no more FOMO*. We are all missing out together. Milestones that used to be celebrated with a big party or get togethers have been put on hold. I say put on hold because, well, we shouldn’t have to miss out altogether. 

Weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, are all being postponed. Birthdays have come and gone – not being able to leave the house and celebrate with family and friends. Graduations have been cancelled.

But, that doesn’t mean we miss out on a brighter future where celebrations and parties are the norm again!

Let’s use graduations as an example-?

You FINALLY finished that final semester. You have been working tirelessly for years to get that diploma. Why not celebrate one of the life’s most important milestones? Just postpone that party, don’t forgo it! 

I can’t predict the future. I can’t tell you when life will resume as normal. But, no matter when it happens, you should still celebrate your achievements. Throw yourself a graduation party (even if it is months after the fact). Celebrate yourself! You DID IT! 

Birthdays are a little bit different.

They happen every year. If you missed out on your birthday because of quarantine, you should celebrate twice as hard! Celebrate another year of life with your friends and family. Cheers with them in person! Not that Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime aren’t lifesavers, but it will be extra special when we can finally embrace one another again. 

Wedding season this year has been impacted greatly. ?

For all the beautiful couples who had to cancel, reschedule, or postpone, we feel for you. Whether you opted to still get married without guests, postponed indefinitely, or set a new date – you all have your own special story. If you wanted to have your friends and family there, you still can (just at a later date). If you got married anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! Cheers to you and your new chapter of life.

Everyone celebrates their love differently. If you want to celebrate with others, make it a priority to plan! In these times of uncontrolled uncertainty, create certainty around your impending celebrations!  You don’t have to pick a date. You don’t have to start ordering decorations. Just know- in your heart- that you will make it happen. 

Right now, what is better than having something to look forward to? Let’s keep our spirits high and our friends and family close (from afar). Celebrate life, achievements, love, and everything in-between. ?

Just because we are on pause , doesn’t mean we stop . We will see you soon.

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*[*FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out]


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