ShortStaf for Delivery

ShortStaf for Delivery!

Welcome to ShortStaf for Delivery! 

Here we are going to break down what we do, why we do it, and how you can use this new service to improve your bottom-lines and customer relationships. Quit passing your hard-earned money to other apps with hefty fees and commissions. 


What is ShortStaf for Delivery?


ShortStaf makes it easy to share your food with your customers. Rather than using a third party app for delivery –  use ShortStaf to save time, money, and the hassle. 


How is this different than DoorDash or GrubHub?


When you post on ShortStaf for a delivery driver, they’re only working for you. They will come to your location and get down to business- your business.

Other third party delivery apps have busy drivers. They are taking multiple orders, driving to various locations all over town, and you don’t really know when your food is going to make it to its destination. 

Now – you control the orders, you’re defining the delivery area, and you know exactly where your driver is headed.

With ShortStaf for delivery, you have the opportunity to have direct and clear communication with your driver. They are only handling your orders, under your direction and guidelines. 


How does this save you money?


ShortStaf doesn’t charge you to sign up, on an order by order basis, or charge any kind of commission structure. You pay for the Staf from the platform – and that is it. There is no fluctuating or questionable cost associated.

When your payment is processed on the app, that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest – including getting the money you paid to the driver. There are no other premiums, commissions, costs involved – and no cash handling required. 


Why should you use ShortStaf for Delivery?


ShortStaf offers the opportunity to grow your revenue stream during these uncertain times, while offering your customers a convenient and comfortable way to have their favorite foods delivered to them. 


Have questions?

Check out the FAQ below and please feel free to contact us at



ShortStaf for Delivery

ShortStaf for Delivery FAQ


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