Cucumber Lime Breeze Cocktail

Cucumber Lime Breeze Cocktail

Cucumber Lime Breeze Cocktail 


In the mood for a cool, refreshing cocktail? Look no further. Give our cucumber lime breeze cocktail a try, and you’ll be feeling as cool as a cucumber in no time. 


2oz Tanqueray Gin

4 slices cucumber

1 Lime

Agave syrup (to taste)

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water


Start by filling up your shaker with ice. Next, pour 2oz Tanqueray into the shaker. Take 3  cucumber slices and place them on top of the ice. Cut your lime in half, and juice each half into the tin. Pour agave to taste. Agave will sweeten the drink – So, if you like it sweet, go for it! Not so much? Just a drop will do. A little goes a long way, so probably 3/4oz at most!

Now, take your shaker, and shake shake SHAKE. This will break up the cucumbers and release that amazing flavor! 

Next, get your glass of choice and fill it to the top with ice. Take your shaken cocktail and strain it over the ice. There should be room in the glass.

Top off your drink with a splash of San Pellegrino. Garnish with your remaining slice of cucumber. 

Now, you have a cold, refreshing, and delicious cocktail!

Enjoy and stay cool!

Not a fan of gin? Try this delicious cocktail and substitute Vodka for gin!


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