irish coffee

Irish Coffee with a Twist

Irish Coffee with a Twist ?☕️

irish coffee

To celebrate St.Patrick’s Day this year, we are switching up it up and swapping out our traditional Baileys with Almande for a delicious Irish Coffee [with a twist]. We’re using Baileys Almande, which is an almond milk liqueur. Baileys Almande is gluten free and dairy free, too!


Here are the ingredients:

-Irish Coffee with a Twist- ??

2oz Baileys Almond milk liqueur

1oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

Unflavored coffee of choice

Whipped cream

(to stay dairy free, opt for dairy free whipped cream)


First, pour the Jameson into the mug. Next, fill with coffee (don’t forget to leave room for Baileys and whipped cream). Then, add your Baileys on top. Finally, top with your whipped cream of choice!


Cheers to a safe and fun St.Patrick’s Day! For more recipes or ideas, check out our blog or visit our Pinterest page!

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