The PERFECT Red Sangria

The PERFECT Red Sangria


The PERFECT Red Sangria



Red Sangria is one of our favorite warm-weather cocktails! It is the perfect balance of wine, liquor, and juice. Great to make in a pitcher for parties or enjoy solo! Here we have the recipe for a single serving of The PERFECT Red Sangria to enjoy for your next virtual happy hour! 


3oz Red Wine

0.5oz White Rum

0.75oz Peach Schnapps

0.75oz Brandy

3oz Orange Juice

Half lime slice

Half lemon slice

Half orange slice

Start by filling your glass with ice. Next pour 3oz Red Wine of your choice into the glass. Add 0.5oz White Rum, 0.75oz Peach Schnapps, and 0.75oz of Brandy. After you add the liquor, it is time to add the juice. We added 3oz of fresh squeezed orange juice (fresh squeezed is optional). Now, take the mixture and pour it into a tin. Top with your half slices of lemon, lime, and orange. Put the lid on the tin and shake! Pour the mixture back into your glass. Top with Sprite and add your garnish. You now have a delicious glass of Red Sangria. 



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